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2 03 2010

Hello penguins!! Sorry if I havent been active lately, but now I will!! Also The Play Awards are coming up!! So get ready to vote vote, and vote!! Also, Mission 11 is coming up in a few MONTHS.(Nice Job CP) 2012 the book will be added here and Penglibrary.Some pages will be deleted also. Also, The Chillers Army is might make progress too. AND PLZZ advertise!!!

Big Chill2 cant be heated down!!

-Big Chill2



22 09 2009


Wow!! How?? Well these answers will be answered September 28!But why would there be a volcano in CP? Is Sensei EVIL?!??!?!?

In other words, I will be posting info about a new party!

Big Chill2 cant be melted!!

Big Chill2

Screenhog on the Fall Fair

10 09 2009

 Hey Penguins Screenhog wants you to do a scavenger hunt that he made on the CP Blog!

Blog Collage.jpg

 See if you can find these things:

5 penguins, including one with huge muscles

3 saddles in one room

A popcorn stand

A caramel apple

A place to scoop out cotton candy

Over 300 balls in one room

A wall of cactus

A spinning blue puffle

A spinning green puffle

A room that has only a single color of balloons (any other room with balloons has them in more than one color)

The Great Puffle Circus

Easy, How long did it take for you to find them all?


Fall Fair and Clothing Catalog!

4 09 2009

Woot! The fall fair is here!


Choose an act at the Puffle Parade!


Here is the members only prizes


Non-members Prizes



Here are the new cheats for the new clothing catalog


Click the mouse for a bow tie!






Awesome new catalog and Awesome Fall Fair!


Newspaper Issue #203

3 09 2009

 Hey Penguins the new newspaper is here!


Yay for the Fall Fair!


You Decide a New Background

2 09 2009

 Club Penguin has another you decide on there blog. It’s for a  new Halloween background!

Ghostly Grin
Ghostly Grin

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch

Spider Web

Spider Web

What Background are you voting for?


Rockhopper Closer

1 09 2009

 Rockhopper’s ship is filled with boxes and balloons!


I love the Fall Fair! Where you at the last one?